November 23, 2012

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BAD ANNA’s uses resin to create dramatic and unusual handmade jewellery featuring nails, food- wrap mesh and other miniature curios. If you like to stand out in a crowd you’ll enjoy wearing BAD ANNA’s statement pieces.

We caught up with Anna to talk about her work and ask some festive questions.

1: How do you create your Jewellery?

I’m always looking around me for new inspiration. I’ve studied silversmithing and stained glass and got frustrated with how labour intensive those mediums were and how expensive the end products needed to be to reflect the hours spent producing them. I had a eureka moment after taking a resin jewellery course and found that resin could be used to produce the jewellery I wanted to make. I usually source aesthetically pleasing and/or quirky objects and materials from very ordinary places. I then hoard these treasures in my studio. Eventually I set them in moulds which then have to be carefully mixed and ‘cured’ individually and left for 24 hours. The final pieces are then released, filed, drilled and have findings made or attached normally for use as either earrings or necklaces.

2: Describe your perfect Christmas morning….

My children not getting up before sunrise, watching them open their stockings,
going down to the Christmas tree and exchanging family presents with a fresh cup of coffee in hand, cheesy Christmas music playing in the background and a new Vivienne Westwood outfit waiting just for me to unwrap!

3: What are you five favourite things about Christmas?

Seeing my children’s faces when they open their presents; the smell of the
Christmas tree; decorating the Christmas table; making a wreath for the front door; lying replete on the sofa after a huge feast!

4: What do you love about Bristol’s creative scene?

I love that it is constantly evolving and people are becoming more open to new and innovative ideas… I also love the contrast and coexistence of the old, new, natural and synthetic which I think has inspired my jewellery.

5: What’s your favourite Christmas song and why?

White Christmas – because it evokes snuggling indoors with the family whilst gazing outdoors at a world transformed.

Bethan is the founder of Boodle Boutique. She loves drawing animals and thinking up ways of giving them their own character. These illustrations are transformed into hand screen printed prints, T-shirts and cards. Eco-friendly inks and materials are used with all of Boodle Boutique’s products.

We met up with Bethan to ask her a few questions:

1: What are the main influences in your work?

The main influence of my work are animals!. I have always had a love for animals and nature and I like making people smile with my different characters. Screen printing is also a big influence as I love being able to use a craft to create my products, you learn more about it every time you print.

2: What are you five favourite things about Christmas?

Being with my lovely family and friends, over eating, napping, playing silly games and more importantly. . . . Presents!

3: Where do you do your Christmas shopping?

I try and do most of my Christmas shopping at markets and small business as that is where you find the best presents.

4: What has inspired you during 2011?

2011 has been very inspiring, my first year in Bristol. The level of street art and creative events happening in Bristol is amazing, it really is a unique city.

5: What do you love about Bristol’s creative scene?

Bristol’s creative scene is very welcoming, encouraging and inspiring.

Linda is an enamel artist, she  designs delicate pieces of jewellery, larger statement pieces and much larger pieces of wall art. Colour is an important element of Linda’s work. Designs are etched into copper, the spaces filled with transparent enamel (glass powder), which after firing catch the light like gemstones.

We got together with Linda to ask her some questions:

1: What do you enjoy about creating jewellery?

Jewellery is a visual personal statement. I enjoy making an item that someone wants to show the world.

2: What are you five favourite things about Christmas?

– Buying gifts for family and friends.

– Planning “Christmas” food.

– The anticipation and excitement of Christmas Eve.

– Christmas morning and presents under the tree.

– Christmas evening with my family and feeling cosy, even if it’s not snowing!!

3: Would you describe yourself as a panicked, last minute Christmas shopper or a methodical, list making one?

I make lists, give myself plenty of time and enjoy.

4: What has inspired you during 2011?

2011 has been a very tough year for me. Life inspires me…………enjoy the moment.

5: Best Christmas cracker joke?

Q: What do you call a man with brown paper trousers?

A: Russell

Jim Munnion is a full time Somerset based Painter/Printmaker. He works in a wide range of media, including screen prints, wood relief prints, and oil and acrylic paintings.  His work is striking, bold and direct. He exhibits in Bristol on a regular basis in addition to shows throughout the UK.

We caught up with Jim to ask him a few festive related questions.

1: What method of print making do you apply and why?

Screen prints and woodcut prints. I do not sell any reproductions, preferring to encourage my customer to buy hand made originals. My print work is largely experimental as this compliments my paintings, by working with chisels and scissors rather than the brush.

2: What Christmas traditions do you observe?

Big family get togethers and malt whisky.

3: What do you love about the South-West’s creative scene?

It is very inclusive, friendly and welcoming

4: Would you describe yourself as a panicked, last minute Christmas shopper or a methodical, list making one?

Definitely a last minute shopper!

Fiona Hamilton-Walker has been making sterling silver jewellery for several years from her workroom in North Bristol. She likes to texture and twist silver and copper and embellish it with semi precious stones.

We caught up with Fiona last week to ask her a few questions,

1:  What do you enjoy about creating  jewellery?

I enjoy hammering the metals into interesting shapes.

2: Do you have a favourite Christmas song and why?

I’m not religious but my favourite album at Christmas time is Aretha Franklin One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism – it’s so full of energy and great to sing along to whilst making Christmas lunch!

3: What has inspired you during 2011?

I have been inspired in 2011 by visiting lots of different and diverse exhibitions both in Bristol and London.

4: What do you love about Bristol’s creative scene?

The creative scene in Bristol is massive – so much wonderful and creative work going on in a relatively small area.

Hannah likes drawing. She also likes playing second-hand board games, eating marmite, the colour red, jewellery, a good pen, Felix, mooching around junk shops, being read to, dancing in the kitchen and making lists! Hannah is an illustrator and designer, she does quite a lot of different stuff; from producing artwork for public commissions like a 73m wide giant banner along Bristol’s harbourside, or a mural in Southmead Maternity ward to producing publicity for theatre and bars as well as designing branding & logos. She also makes work work exhibition and sells cards and affordable print in small galleries and at markets.We met up with Hannah to ask her a few questions on her work, life and the important dilemma ‘pudding or cake?’

1: What Christmas traditions do you observe?

Lots! But I like making them up to, like I had polenta for dinner last year and my husband had roast belly pork!

2: What do you enjoy most about the Made in Bristol Gift Fair?

The people! It sounds like a very cliched answer, but its true. All the people, both traders and punters are what create the atmosphere and aid the brilliantly bonkers conversations you end up having!

3: What has inspired you during 2011?

Hmmm? I’ve really enjoyed illustrating and designing several posters recently, its a very pure bit of design and I think that inspires me or at least energises me. Ermmm, but I guess second hand records (both the artwork & music), muji pens, my-friend-the-most-amazing-graphic-designer-in-the-world-wilf, looking at interior design magazines in bed with Felix!

4: Christmas pudding or Christmas Cake?


Bettina Bunce is the founder of BeauCoco jewellery.  All their exclusive designs are individually handmade to create easily wearable pieces that range from the classic to the quirky.  They work predominantly with unwanted materials such as recycled glass and coconut shell and work closely with craft groups in the developing world to combine and reinvent these waste materials using sterling silver, 23 carot gold leaf or swarovski crystals.

Last week we caught up with Bettina, to ask her a few questions about her jewellery, our first question was;

1: What are the main influences in your work?

The skills, techniques and materials of the groups I work with, plus a dash of everything I see around me.

2: So which Made in Bristol creative’s gift would you like to find under your tree?

Lots of lovely things but i really like Emma Well’s work. Victorian transfer glass work, really delicate and beautiful.

3: What has inspired you during 2011?

The challenge of building a business in this economic climate!

4: Describe your perfect Christmas morning;

At home with my family and the most perfect moment is when my daughters find that Santa has brought what they wanted (hopefully!)

Here at Made in Bristol HQ we are busy planning our third festive extravaganza at Colston Hall celebrating local creatives work.

The Made in Bristol Gift Fair is a high profile, carefully curated showcase, where each day up to 60 locally based designer-makers will be given the opportunity to sell their work directly to the public in central Bristol.

These Gift Fair’s are fast becoming recognised, by both makers and visitors, as the principal selling event for high quality craft in Bristol at Christmas.

Plus we have an extra date for Christmas 2011:

► Saturday 10th December

► Sunday 11th December

► Saturday 17th December

We have had a lot of great applicants so far, but we still have a few places left.

If you would like to take part email asap to avoid disappointment. (Please note all our jewellery places are all taken this year)